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The Central European Initiative (CEI) Cooperation Fund offers 19 scholarships for talented PhD students, post-doc and non-tenured academics from CEI Member States ( The scholarships cover travel and accommodation costs (3 nights) up to € 400,00. The amount will be paid after the event upon justification of the travel (copy of air/train ticket) and of the accommodation (copy of hotel invoice), clearly stating the name of the beneficiary, dates and sums due. Applicants should be STS Italia members in good standing, having paid their dues for 2020. The scholarship does not cover the conference registration fee and the STS membership.


Scholarships can be requested by PhD students, post-doc and non-tenured researchers who are members of STS Italia for the current year (at the moment of scholarship application) and have had their abstract accepted within the conference. Convenors may also apply for the scholarship. Application for scholarships is allowed only if the cost of attending the conference is not covered by any other institution.

Requests can be made by sending an email to from March 9, 2020 to March 21, 2020. Results will be communicated by April 6, 2020.


E-mail to "" requesting scholarship must contain:

1) as subject: “Scholarship request – [LAST NAME]”


2) as body, the following information:

  • Name

  • Last Name

  • Academic affiliation (if none, personal address)

  • Date of birth

  • Present position

  • Title of the accepted abstract

  • Title of the track

  • Explicit declaration that conference expenses will not be covered by any other institutins


3) as attachments:

  • A CV specifying current job and research situation

  • The accepted abstract


Certifications or other kinds of documentation could be asked in addition. Scholarships will be awarded by taking into consideration: interest and originality of the abstract, its relevance in relation to the conference issues, CV, distance of the applicant’s institution from the venue of the conference, age, gender. Only scholars from CEI Member States ( are eligible for the scholarships. Evaluation committee is the Board of Directors of STS Italia.

STS ITALIA MEMBERSHIP is mandatory. To apply for scholarship you must be an STS ITALIA member in good standing, having paid your dues for 2020. STS Italia membership provides access to the mailing list and participation in activities organized by STS Italia.  To join STS Italia, please visit the subscription webpage.





The Central European Initiative (CEI) is a regional intergovernmental forum committed to supporting European integration and sustainable development through cooperation between and among its Member States and with the European Union, international and regional organisations as well as with other public or private institutions and non-governmental organisations. While acting as a platform for political dialogue, the CEI has developed a strong operational, result-oriented approach to regional cooperation. It combines multilateral diplomacy and fund, programme and project management as both donor and recipient.